Sunday, 9 April 2017

Full video for Tummy + Lower back + Fat Transfer to Breasts UP!!

Yays I finally got to be able to upload the full video for my 2nd session with Dr. Arthur Tjandra on YouTube! I hope it doesn't get flagged like my 1st session on the Arms Liposuction :(

I have been getting good praises from friends and people I meet from the definition of my arms (now that the fats are gone and showing well definition arms). It's so much easier for me to wear sleeveless clothes without the comments on my arms flabs etc and pictures showing my fat flabs :D

I am actually going to Medan for my thighs soon and am hoping to be able to wear knit dress and pencil skirts and look good in them without the extra thigh bulges. I will start to work out more once I get back in shape and maintain them and build some lean muscles to not let myself grow fat and flab. I will share the video after the 3rd trip! :)

In the meanwhile, please feel free to scrutinize my video on the 2nd session. Please feel free to ask me questions if you would like to know more I will try to answer your questions as much as possible. I would like highly recommend people who are contemplating on achieving a full body sculpt to not skip any sections for cost savings. I think it's a worthwhile process and you should also work hard to maintain it afterwards! Thank you Dr. Arthur Tjandra for the patience and effort dedicated to his patients.


CLICK TO view my 2nd session 1-day post lipo for tummy + lower back + fat transfer (P.S: you can also see the 3 month results of my arms lipo in the same video to have a gauge)

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Arms and tummy 1 day post op video

I had my arms lipo in Sep 2016 followed by tummy lipo 3 months after in Dec.

I hope to share the before and after transformation with the short video clips!

Short video on the before and after as blogspot video can't exceed 100mb.
The difference is drastic!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Arm Liposuction Video Up on Youtube

Hmm seems that the videos for my case are up! the before and after for arms lipo is drastic!

If you haven't stay in tuned with the cases that Dr Arthur has performed on YouTube, please watch them on

My case is 407 if you are interested!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

1 month after

This is how my arms look after one month. still need to stretch until it fully recovers, thinking maybe will take 3 months. Recovered quite a lot, about 70-80%. Discoloration will probably also take at least 3- 6 months.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Arms Liposuction- Day 1

Time check: 1 month post arms liposuction.

Okay, I finally have some time to do a timeline.

Day 1
I took morning flight and reached Medan airport. Collected my luggage and found the driver without much hassle as he was waiting patiently for me. Very nice & helpful. He actually rejected when I wanted to tip him and said I have already paid for the airport transfer trip.

Got to the facility and the nurse sat me down and explained some of the forms to fill. She was soft spoken and kind. I was later showed around by the helper and she also helped to bring my luggage to my room on the 2nd floor. Had a bath before consultation.

Went for consultation and Dr. Tjandra explained the procedure in detail so that there was pre-understanding to prepare the patient adequately and also accessing patient's concerns and expectations during and post liposuction and care.

Had lunch that was pre-ordered with the nurse (she took care of me as she was able to communicate in English with patients who are not Indo speakers).

Time to prep for surgery. Had the IV needle on my left hand (this is removed on Day 2 morning/afternoon after checkup and massage). The iodine solution was wiped all over the areas that would be operated on. I admire those patients that can still sing and/or dance during the procedure. I think it was good enough that I was able to stay still. The nurse was very nice and caring. She patted me on my head, and gave me her comforting hand to hold for assurance.

I was put to the recovery room to rest and be under monitor for about an hour (Dr. checks if you are doing well and pressure is fine etc.) before the nurse carefully brought me back to my room to rest. Nurse also made sure I had filled water in the huge water bottle to keep me hydrated after the procedure. Lots of water intake is important.

Had my dinner and pineapple juice. I actually did not feel any pain or uncomfort. Went to rest/sleep after dinner as I was tired. I just kept sleeping and waking up in an hour intervals to go to the washroom to pee. Dr. came to check on me a few times during the night to see if okay.

I went to the washroom again, except that I was feeling faint. Was trying to figure out if I was able to make my way back to room which is 3m away or rest at the sofa in the living room. I decided to make my '3m dash' back and I made it. I knocked out on my bed. Rest a little while and went to drink more water to hydrate myself.

Pre-op arms

Friday, 23 September 2016

what happened to me?? i want my skinny lean back.

I used to be thin. Skinny thin or fat thin I'm not too sure. But I've always been in sports during through my school time. Not everyone is able to stay thin fit and skin taut as we grow with age. Metabolism rate slows, my fat started to accumulated slowly, but surely after I graduated from school and started working for some years.

I'm not really obese fat, I'm just flabby fat with bad calories ( I don't eat crazily though. In fact,it's in moderation) work/ friends entertainment dinner & drinks, long working hours, inconsistent work outs, can't do salad diets. All I can say is,  I want my skinny back (Narcissist me says NO to weighing more than 50kg!), all the muscles that never got to show beneath my fat cells!

And so I began my quest to find out about treatments to get rid of fat cells. I tried Cool Sculpt once for fun and I knew immediately- if you find certain treatments/procedures too good to be true, YES, it is not true. With common sense (not that every one has it), I knew it's not going to be a quick way for me to be "fat-free". Theoretically it might work, but maybe it will take me 200X for any areas to show prominent results, and by then I think the $$ costs to will be EVEN more prominent. NUF SAID, like any rational investment, one should always have a view and cut loss.

I probably have gone through numerous googling and websites on liposuction, fat transfer, and actually many other procedures for years. It always takes a lot of time scrolling through forums (random from searches) on reviews of different doctors and their works, what to expect/do pre and post procedure.

After procrastinating for many years and confirming on the doctor of choice/ method of liposuction, I went with Dr. Arthur Tjandra from Medan, Indonesia. If one bothers to do thorough reading on his webpage (, you will know how he is a very detailed person and tries to be as transparent as possible on his background, resume of his certifications through his career. Most importantly, after studying through his case studies (quick link for really lazy people- in writing/ videos, I know he treats every procedure with each patient very seriously in his consultation, and sculpting during the procedure. I was pretty sure I was in good hands before I decided to go ahead to visiting him in Medan and his clinic, Elixir De Vie.

I just came back from my arms procedure (area 1-4: arms, armpit, shoulder, upper back). Like Korean PS perspective, if you want to fix it, it should be a 3D sculpt. Hence, I will not want do anything which is half-f*****. I won't be posting pictures because I just don't want to. I would say that I am into my 12th day? All is good, bruises are gone. Visible swelling is gone. I can wear my sleeveless clothes to show my new lean shaped arms.

BUT, please do not expect everything to be perfect if you have some common sense. Your swelling might not go down together evenly on areas/ left and right etc. Please save all the whines, complains and demands to yourself instead of venting it on the doctor/ nurse. Just be patient and continue massaging on your own (especially on lumpy/tight areas for them to heal faster) if you are too lazy to go for daily massage treatments. Stretch a little bit every day just to allow the muscles/ skin/tissues to regain normal condition.

I'm pretty sure there are already so many other reviews/posts on Dr Tjandra and their experience with pics and all+ case studies and videos painstakingly filmed and made available his youtube channel( to share. I wanted to just give a little rational side of things on top of what you have already read online elsewhere.

You could drop a comment if you have concerns/questions which have not been addressed anywhere, and I will probably be able to write a quick post/note on it.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Because we all live in a material world

I wanted to pen down my liposuction execution and share and little about my motivations, my pre-research work, weighing options and the time mapping of my action plan. It is something that I would encourage anyone who is intending to embark on any sort of aesthetic procedure, to always do your homework, so you become a beauty, not the beast. I will write another post on motivations and pre-research work when I have time.